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Car Theft

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Cars seem to be natural magnets for criminals. Whether it be taking one for a joyride or stealing stereo equipment out of it, it's a problem that seriously plagues the streets of Longmont.

The most frequently occurring crime involving cars is criminal trespass. A criminal will target a car, either locked or unlocked, use a variety of objects to gain access, and steal the stereo, compact discs, clothing, sunglasses, as well as rifling through your glove box. Anything that may have a potential street value is fair game.

While not as frequent as criminal trespassing, motor vehicle theft is also a threat to Longmont cars. Many times the car will be recovered, but usually at a price. The interior and exterior may be scavenged for sellable parts, including the stereo, cell phone, hubcaps, tires, and/or engine parts. Or, the car may have been driven recklessly and sustained irreparable damage.

So what can you do to protect your "wheels?" Following a few simple steps may discourage criminals from focusing on your car:

  • Lock your car and close all of the windows. Make sure the trunk is locked, too.
  • Control your keys. Never leave an ID tag on your key ring.
  • If you're carrying valuable items, store them in your trunk, including CDs.
  • Park under street lamps when possible or in well-lit areas.
  • Consider an anti-theft device such as steering column locks, alarms, or an engine/fuel kill switch.
  • Purchase stereo systems with a removable face plate and keep it with you. De-emphasize the value as much as possible.
  • Keep your car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and a complete description of your car, your stereo system, and serial numbers in a safe place at home. This will help police in the possible recovery and return of the items to you.
  • Engrave your driver's license number and state identification on valuable items such as the stereo, speakers, amplifiers, and cell phones.

License plates are also frequently stolen and used on stolen cars involved in other crimes. Get in the habit of checking your plates when you drive. A few drops of solder on the bolts or blurring the threads can help safeguard your plates.

For additional information, you email or call (303) 651-8849.


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