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Explosive Gas

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Odorless gas leaks are difficult to detect.  In order to detect an odorless gas leak, an "Explosive Gas/Carbon Monoxide Detector", which detects ‘Propane, Natural Gas, Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Methane’ needs to be purchased.  Since not all these gases are the same, it is our recommendation to purchase a detector for each floor of your residence.  
Since Propane is heavier than air, it is recommended to place a detector on the lowest floor, since that is where the propane will settle.  Natural Gas, Carbon Monoxide, and Methane, are all lighter than air so will have a tendency to rise, hence the need to place detectors on all floors and especially near Natural Gas appliances

These Explosive Gas/CO Detectors may also be purchased from a local hardware store or ordered on line. On a Internet browser search: "Carbon Monoxide and Explosive Gas Alarm" for product information.

For additional information please email or call (303) 651-8426.


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