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The willful destruction or defacing of property is vandalism - it's also a crime. People feel angry, hurt, and sometimes frightened when something of theirs - a mailbox, a bike, a car door - is destroyed for no reason. It's expensive to repair and makes our community unattractive and unsafe. It ends up costing us all in aggravation and in the cost to repair the damage.

Graffiti appears in many forms, from obscene and violent language scrawled on a public bathroom door to elaborate murals on a brick wall. Unfortunately, if it's not on the artist's property or done with permission - it's vandalism, and it's also a crime.

Take Action - The Longmont Police Department recommends forming a Neighborhood Watch

or participating in the Crime Free Multi-Housing program to act as "Eyes and Ears" for your own neighborhood.

Please call 9-1-1 to report vandalism in progress, or to report non- emergency reporting call (303) 651-8555. Help send a clear message that Longmont residents won't tolerate vandalism of any kind! When we all work together, great things can happen in our neighborhoods and community.


For further information please email or call (303) 774-4440.

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