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Is this an emergency or occurring now? If the answer is yes, Dial 9-1-1 or call (303) 651-8501.

Welcome to the Longmont Department of Public Safety Citizens' Online Police Reporting System. This reporting system will allow you to submit a police report on-line, obtain a temporary police report number, and after your report has been approved you will receive an email notification with an attached copy of your report at no cost. Please read all of the instructions below before beginning your report.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Filing a false report is a crime and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

Criteria For Submitting An Online Crime Report

An online police report can be filed if the following are true (all online criminal reports will be inactive unless further information develops):
A. The incident occurred in the city limits of Longmont.
B. There are no known suspects or available investigative leads.
C. The incident is not a traffic accident.
D. The incident did not involve a gun.
E. No evidence was left at the scene that could be collected and examined by the police.
F. You have a valid email address.

If the incident you wish to report does not meet the criteria listed above, call the Longmont Department of Public Safety non-emergency report taker office at (303) 651-8555.

Types Of Reports Generated

The online police report system is designed to allow the public to submit two different types of reports, "Information  Reports" and "Crime Reports". See the descriptions below for both.

1. INFORMATION REPORT - A tip or information about suspicious or potentially dangerous activity that the reporting person has personally observed or is aware of. Examples of "Information Only" report include: drug tips, general traffic complaint (does not include traffic accidents), or graffiti.  This type of report will be shared with the appropriate city staff for response as appropriate.

2. CRIME REPORT - A "crime report" is the formal filing of a crime. Crime reports can only be filed online by the victim of the crime and only if the incident meets the criteria listed above under " Criteria for Submitting an Online Crime Report". In the absence of suspect(s) or evidence of the crime being reported, which are both part of the criteria for online reporting, the incident will not be assigned for investigation. Should additional investigative information surface, this case could be reopened.

Selecting An Online Report Category Which Meets Criteria Outlined Above

*After submitting your online "Crime Report", the reporting victim/reporting person will receive an email with a temporary tracking number. Within 7-10 days after submitting the online crime report the victim/reporter will receive a second email with a permanent "police case report number". It is important to keep the temporary tracking number until a permanent number has been assigned to your crime report. If AFTER 10 days, you have NOT received email notification and a permanent case report number, call (303) 651-8555 to speak with a staff member. Remember to print or save a copy of the online submission emails for your records and insurance purposes.

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