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Security Company Licensing

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Private Security Companies

Private security companies operating in Longmont are not associated with the Longmont Police Department, they operate independently.

  • Security companies in Longmont are required to have a tax license through the city to operate, please call (303)651-8672 if you have further questions.
  • To find information regarding requirements to operate you can check the State of Colorado website or call (303)892-3840.
  • The State of Colorado requires a permit/registration with local law enforcement if carrying a gun. (Additional information to follow - check back)
  • Private security companies are required to adhere to City of Longmont Municipal Code ( Search:
    • 6.10.020 Uniforms and Badges
    • 6.10.030 Vehicles Marking and Equipment
    • 6.10.040 Restricted Use of Words
    • 6.10.050 Radio Communications
    • 6.10.060 Unlawful Acts - Penalty

For additional information please contact Longmont Police Services by email or by phone at (303)774-4552.

Utilizing Longmont Police Services for Assignments 

The Longmont Police Department does provide some support to special events and security assignments in Longmont. For additional information regarding contracting with the Longmont Police Department, please email or call (303)651-8525.




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