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Traffic Complaints

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Online Accident Reporting

In Progress Traffic Complaints

If you are involved in or observing a traffic situation which you feel is presenting a danger to yourself, or the Longmont Community, please contact the police department while it is happening, so officers can be dispatched to handle the situation and ensure the safety of you and our community. The number to call while this happening or shortly thereafter is (303) 651-8555.

Be prepared to provide the following information to the Communication Specialists:

  • The location of the situation
  • What is happening
  • A description of the vehicle(s) and driver(s)
  • Your name
  • A means of contacting you, phone number, E-mail etc.

Neighborhood Traffic Complaints

The Longmont Police Department actively works with citizens to ensure traffic safety in all neighborhoods. If you have a reoccurring traffic problem in your neighborhood that you feel needs attention, please contact the Traffic Unit at (303) 651- 8849. When contacting the Traffic Unit please be prepared to supply the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address and phone number
  • Where the activity is happening
  • When it is happening – days of the week, time of day, school days etc.
  • What the activity is – speeding, failing to stop at stop signs, illegal parking, etc.

An officer may contact you requesting additional information and to work with you to plan a strategy to help solve the problem. Please file an online report for traffic concerns or call (303) 651-8849.

Traffic Signs, Signal Timing, Crosswalks, Lane Markings, Signage, and Speed Monitoring Trailers

Longmont Police Services is the enforcement arm of the Longmont city government. We enforce traffic laws and investigate traffic crashes. The police are not involved with traffic signals, signal timing, crosswalks, lane markings, or signage.  We are not able to request mobile speed monitoring trailers for your street. If you have questions or issues with any of the above, please check the website for Transportation Engineering or call (303) 651-8737.

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