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The City of Longmont Fire Department hiring process begins with a written examination given by IOS Solutions. This examination is given two times a year and from that testing an eligibility list is established. To sign up for the exam, visit the link above. There is a fee for the exam. 

Fire Training
When the city has openings for firefighters, the fire department staff decides on criteria that is required. This criteria can change for each hiring based upon the needs of the department at the time. Once the criteria has been decided upon, the city requests a list of names and addresses of all of those that meet the criteria. The Longmont Fire Department screens the IOS applications of those individuals who are on the testing list. The department looks for any obvious or reported dis-qualifiers, i.e. expired certifications or poor driving record. Those that remain are then contacted and invited to apply for the position of firefighter. There are a series of tests that the applicant must complete. 

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS - At a minimum the department requires candidates to possess a Colorado or National Registry EMT. A high school diploma or GED are also required.

CONSIDERATIONS IN SCREENING - Other certifications that are considered in screening applicants are: Firefighter I or II, HazMat Ops or Tech, and Wildland Red Card. Bilingual skills in Spanish are also desirable.

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Note: the order of the testing process is subject to change.

Written Exam:  IOS Solutions
Combat Test:  Variation on the Davis Combat test and is a pass/fail  
Integrity Interview: One-on-one interview to determine if someone is to be eliminated because of a disqualifier (i.e. drug use)  
Panel Interview:  Line personnel interview to determine those that should advance 
Ride-along Process:  Applicants participate in a series of exercises with current fire services personnel (full-day). 
Conditional Offer:  After input from the Public Safety Chief, a conditional offer may be made to candidates that LFD has openings for. It is conditional upon passing the remainder of the process which includes polygraph, a medical examination, and a psychological and background check.  

A selection list of those that did well in the process (but were not selected) is maintained for one year.

For additional information regarding a career as a Longmont Fire Department Firefighter, please email or call (303) 651-8539.

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