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Swim Lesson Tips

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Swim Lesson Tips for Parents

Things parents can do to help ensure a positive, productive swim lesson:

1. Come early--rushing or being late is upsetting to some children and can disrupt the class already in progress.

2. Pull long hair and bangs back out of your child’s face and eyes—or consider a swim cap.

3. Make sure goggles fit properly before you get here. Goggles can become a distraction that take away from valuable class time.

4. We recommend not to use goggles for Turtle, Alligator, or Level 1. We are in the water at an adjustment phase of our learning and it is important that we become comfortable with water in our eyes.

5. Be positive! Don’t encourage negative feelings.

6. Learn your instructor’s name.

7. Use the restroom before you go to wait for your instructor.

8. Shower while you are in the locker room. Showering serves two purposes 1) it rinses off lotions and conditioners that affect our water. 2) It will cool your child’s skin while they wait--when they get in the pool the water feels a lot warmer.

9. Let us know if your child has a special concerns or needs, including medical or developmental issues, and any fears.

10. Check with your instructor or pool manager throughout the session about your child's progress to ensure they’re signed up for the correct level next time.

11. Try not to distract your child during lessons by standing in sight and waving at her/him. The teachers are sometimes dealing with separation issues, especially with little ones.

12. Don’t let problems grow! Please contact the pool manager supervising your lessons about any questions or issues you have. If they’re teaching you can leave a message at the front desk and he or she will get back to you.

Thank you for helping us make your child’s learning experience a positive and successful one!

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