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Yoga Registration & Fees | Yoga Class Schedule | Yoga Class Descriptions

Get to know your Yoga Instructors

The City of Longmont Yoga Instructors have over 100 years of combined experience. They bring their passion and love to every class in order to grow the the Yoga community within our city! Download Bio page.

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Yoga Registration & Fees

Yoga is a registration-based program with monthly and daily (drop-in) class registration options. 

  • Please purchase your drop-in pass in advance for specific class and date
  • Registration is available online, by phone, or in person at any Longmont Recreation facility
  • Monthly registrants enjoy $2 discount per class (for applicable classes)
  • For partial months, please register for drop-in dates - monthly enrollments may not be pro-rated
  • No additional facility passes are required
Fee Description Class Details Fees
Yoga Drop-In Fee:  1.25 hour classes:  $10 resident / $12.50 non-resident 
  1.5 hour classes:
$12 resident / $15 non-resident 
  2 hour classes: $15 resident / $18.75 non-resident 
Restorative Yoga Fee:
  $20 resident / $25 non-resident
Retreat Fee:
all day:
$50 resident /  $62.50 non-resident

Yoga Registration & Fees | Yoga Class Schedule | Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga Class Schedule

Yoga Students:  Please bring your own yoga mat, and a thick blanket if you have one.

Location Key:
Izaak Walton = Izaak Walton Clubhouse, 18 S Sunset St, Longmont 80501
Longmont Recreation Center = Longmont Recreation Center, 310 Quail Rd, Longmont 80501
Memorial Building = St Vrain Memorial Building, 700 Longs Peak Ave, Longmont 80501
Sandstone Ranch = Sandstone Ranch Visitors & Learning Center, 3001 Sandstone Dr, Longmont 80504

Day Time
Mon 12-1pm Lunchtime Meditation NEW! Longmont Recreation  Katharine Kaufman
Mon 1-2:15pm Yin Yoga NEW! Izaak Walton Urszula Bunting 
Alignment Based Yoga
Izaak Walton
Gwyn Cody
Wellness Yoga
Izaak Walton
Heidi Nordlund
10:30-11:45am  Gentle Yoga   Memorial Building  Urszula Bunting 
Therapeutic Structural Yoga
Izaak Walton
Shar Lee 
Women's Hatha Yoga
Izaak Walton
Shar Lee
Open Levels Yoga
Izaak Walton   Katharine Kaufman 
Beginner Friendly Yoga
Izaak Walton
Diana Shellenberger
Restorative Yoga
Izaak Walton
Urszula Bunting
Sat** 9:30am-4:30pm
Winter Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Sandstone Ranch
Katharine Kaufman
Sunday Morning Yoga
Izaak Walton
Katharine Kaufman

*Restorative Yoga is held the first Friday of the month -Jan 5, Feb 2, Mar 2, Apr 6, & May 4.

**Upcoming Meditation & Yoga Sanctuary Retreat is Sun Feb 11 from 9:30am-4:30pm.

Yoga Registration & Fees | Yoga Class Schedule | Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga Class Descriptions

Alignment Based Yoga – Mon 4pm
This class focuses on safety in classical yoga poses to improve strength, flexibility, and self-awareness.  Thoughtful sequencing prepares your body for the poses; accurate alignment protects the spine and joints; and a slow focused style releases physical and mental tension leaving you lighter in mind, body, and spirit. 1.25 hour class, taught by Gwyn Cody.  Register for Alignment Based Yoga.

Beginner Friendly Yoga – Tuesday 9:15am- NEW day!
Whether you're a new or continuing yoga student, bring your beginner's mind to this class where the fundamentals of yoga are emphasized. The postures will stretch and enliven you. Instruction includes guided breathing and introductory meditation techniques.  1.25 hour class taught by Diana Shellenberger.  Register for Beginner Friendly Yoga.

Gentle Yoga – Wed 10:30am
This class is for anyone who would like to relieve stress, increase strength and flexibility, improve balance and overall well-being.  Practice gentle yoga poses using chairs, yoga props, and breathing techniques in a friendly and non-competitive environment. 1.25 hour class taught by Urszula Bunting.  Register for Gentle Yoga.

Flow Restore Yoga- Thurs 5pm
Gentle flowing sequences are paired with quiet restorative positions designed to balance strength suppleness, body & mind. As we settle into out practice we may experience insight & delight, wholeness & compassion. 1.25 hour class taught by Katherine Kaufman. Register for Flow Restore Yoga

Lunchtime Meditation- Mon 12pm 
Sitting and walking meditation practice can help us simply be with challenges and changes in our lives with gentleness and compassion, curiosity and perspective. Detailed practical instruction is offered the first Monday of each month. Chairs are available. Bring blankets or cushions if you prefer. Register for Lunchtime Meditation

Restorative Yoga - Fri 6pm
Unwind, de-stress, refresh and allow your body and mind to heal and restore during this two hour RESTORATIVE YOGA class the first Friday of every month. Using various props to support the body we will get into poses that will activate parasympathetic nervous system, stretch tight places in the body and release the tension. Tibetan bowls, candlelight and essential oils will set the tone and create a cozy atmosphere. Please bring a yoga mat (if you have one) and a blanket. This class is limited to 15 people so please register early! 2 hour class taught by Urszula Bunting. Register for Restorative Yoga.

Sunday Morning Yoga – Sunday 9:30am (Feb & Mar classes will start at 9am)
New or returning to yoga? Feel at ease through an alignment based, foundational and flowing practice designed for every body. Come to a greater understanding of your own well-being by honing awareness, and cultivating breath, balance, strength, flexibility, and deep rest. 1.25 hour class taught by Katharine Kaufman.  Register for Sunday Morning Yoga.

Therapeutic Structural Yoga – Wed 5:30pm
This classical yoga practice will restore health in body, mind and spirit, through an emphasis on anatomical alignment. This class, for beginning and continuing students, includes many variations on classical yoga, and will improve concentration, allow for personal growth and create inner calm. 2 hour class taught by Shar Lee. Register for Therapeutic Structural Yoga.

Wellness Yoga – Mon 5:30pm
Enjoy Yoga in a safe, joyful and uplifting atmosphere. Increase balance, flexibility and strength. Feel energized, happy and at peace. Yoga is the vehicle to deepen your connection in body, mind & Soul and serves as recourse for your personal growth and healing. 1.25 hour class taught by Heidi Nordlund. Register for Wellness Yoga.

Women’s Hatha Yoga – Thurs 9am
Poses specifically selected to promote wellness of the female body at all ages and stages. We will explore Asanas from the core, utilizing structural alignment, pranayama, and Ayurvedic principles. For beginning and continuing students alike.  2 hour class taught by Shar Lee.  Register for Women's Hatha Yoga.

Yin Yoga- Mon 1pm
Yin Yoga is designed to calm the nervous system and relax the muscles while stimulating connective tissue, joints, ligaments, and bones. Excellent for anyone who is looking for a challenging yet slow-paced practice. Register for Yin Yoga.

Additional Yoga Workshops & Retreats are offered seasonally. Check our registration site for current offerings!

Community Yoga - 3rd Saturday 9am
Join us the 3rd Saturday of the month for yoga!  Taught by a different instructor each month, this class is a great way to experience different instructors and styles.  Please pre-register to reserve your spot; on-site registration is not available.  1 hour workshop. $5. Izaak Walton Clubhouse.  Register for community yoga.

Yoga Registration & Fees | Yoga Class Schedule | Yoga Class Descriptions

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