Pool and Ice Rink Feasibility Study

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On August 18, 2015, City staff and Consultants Chris Kastelic, Sink Combs Dethlefs and Ken Ballard, Ballard King, presented the findings of Phase I of the Competitive Pool and Ice Rink  Feasibility Study.  Council directed staff to further investigate Concept 6 – Competitive pool, leisure pool and Ice.   Concept 6 includes a 33 m competitive pool, an NHL size Ice Rink and a leisure pool.  The Council also directed to also directed to staff to continue the investigation of costs and revenue opportunities for changing the proposed pool from 33 m to 50 m.

Phase 2 of the Feasibility Study will be completed in early May 2017 and will address:

1.    Study of a 33m pool and 50 meter pool.
2.    Conceptual design of a facility with competitive and leisure pool and one NHL ice rink.
3.    Determine the best location to build the facility.
4.    Further study of the cost to build, operate and maintain the facility in #2.
5.    Work on developing partnership with the School District.

The Consultants also completed an evaluation of the Centennial Pool Building.  Please see document below.  No action was taken on the Centennial Pool evaluation.

If you have questions regarding the Competitive Pool and Ice Rink Feasibility Study, please contact Recreation and Golf Manager, Jeff Friesner.


August 18th Powerpoint presented to City Council
Phase I Market Analysis
Longmont Aquatics and Ice Operations Assessment
Centennial Pool Building Assessment
Feasibility Study Concept 6 - Competitive Pool, Leisure Pool and Ice Center

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