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Longmont Triathlon Swim

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  • Swim is 525 yards= 21 lengths.
  • Maximum swim time is 25 minutes.
  • Water temperature is approximately 82/83 degrees.
  • Bring swim cap if desired.  

Swim Heats

  • 1st Heat starts at 7am.
  • Heats will be created by estimated swim times.
    • Please submit your estimated time for 500 yards (even though the race day swim is 525 yards).
  • Order of swim heats will be:
    • Wheelchair division
    • Slowest to fastest (25:00 minutes down to the fastest estimated swim time).

  • Swim heat times will posted on Friday, May 31 and at Centennial Pool during check-in.
  • Swim heats consist of 5-6 people per lane with similar estimated swim times. 
    • A representative from the timing company will enter race numbers and will provide instructions when to start.
    • As one lane (heat) of swimmers exit the pool, a new heat will enter the water.

Adjusting Swim Times

If you are swimming faster now or haven’t trained as much as you wanted to, you can adjust your estimated swim time.  Contact Centennial Pool at 303-651-8406 to update your estimated swim time before 12noon on Wed., May 29.  After Wednesday, please make your change at check-in.

Race Day Swim Procedures

Meet on the pool deck and be ready to swim at least 15 minutes prior to the predicted heat times. Note that the race start times tend to run ahead of schedule. 

  • Timing Chips
    •  Timing chips are handed out in the pool area just before swim start to eliminate participants accidentally walking across timing mats.
    • Timing chips are on a comfortable Velcro & neoprene strap and must be securely fastened to the left ankle.
    • Strap may feel a little loose once in the water – this is normal – strap will tighten up out of the pool.
    • If a timing chip is lost, the participant will be charged $99 to replace the chip. 

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  • Lap Counting
    • A lap counter will be provided to ASSIST in counting laps and will place a kick board in the water when swimmer has finished 500 yards and have one length remaining.
    • Ultimately it is the swimmer's responsibly to do the correct amount of laps.
    • Credit cannot be given for extra laps completed.
  •  Lane Etiquette
    • Circle swimming is required.
    • If wanting to pass a swimmer, tap them on the foot. 
    • If your foot is tapped, stop at the wall and let the person pass. 
    • There will be a 2-minute penalty for hindering another swimmer.  

Swimmers start on the south side of pool by the glass doors and exit at the northeast door. The doors mark the first split time.

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