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Activities and Programs

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Don't deny yourself!

With more than 200 activities per quarter, you are sure to find something of interest.

We offer a complete and up-to-date listing of our activities in our quarterly GO catalog, but for a brief glimpse at the types of programs we offer, please look below.

Classes & Workshops -

We offer a variety of topics including arts and creative pursuits, humanities, culture, literature, history, and more.

A sample of classes includes: Watercolor, Silk Painting, Colored Pencils, Pastels, History & Culture of Science Fiction, Quilting History, Spanish Films, Boulder International Film Festival Films, and Colorado History Lectures.

Computers & Technology -

In partnership with Front Range Community College and over 60 volunteers, we offer hands-on instruction, lectures, a computer club, and one-on-one lab assistance for both PC and Apple. 

A sample of classes includes: Windows 10 Basics, File Management, Digital Camera Assistance, Cell and Smart Phone Tutoring, and Personal Coaching Sessions for one-on-one assistance.

Special Events -

A variety of educational, insightful, entertaining, and intriguing presentations.

Day Trips & Extended Travel -

More than 20 day trips along the front range each quarter and the increasingly popular extended travel going out-of-state and around the world.  The places and activities may be educational, entertaining, interactive, or all of the above.

A sample of trips includes:  casinos, performing arts venues, restaurants, historical sites, South Dakota, Southern Colorado, Italy, Ireland, Norway, and more.

Resources & Good Things To Know -

Two full-time Resource Specialists staff are available for one-on-one assistance regarding housing, help in the home, healthcare, completing various forms, navigating other systems (Medicaid, Social Security) or if you are struggling to make ends meet.

Educational and informational sessions are provided on a number of topics, including Medicare basics, AARP Driver Safety, RTD travel, Tools for Caregivers, and Information About Death and Dying. For more resources, visit our Supportive Services page.

Drop-in Activities & Clubs -

Primarily led by older adults, these activities are a direct response from customers. Generally free or low-cost.

A sample includes:  Billiards, Bridge, Cards, Current Events, Dulcimer, TV Production Club, Knit & Purl, Mah Jongg, Spanish Conversation, Swingin' Seniors Rhythm Band, and Woodcarving.

Exercise & Fitness Classes, and SilverSneakers -

This collection of physical activities includes beginner to advanced classes.

A sample includes:  Aerobics, Feldenkrais®, Line Dance, Nordic Walking, Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga, Zumba, and several SilverSneakers classes.

Health & Wellness Classes -

Learn about ways to improve and maintain your physical and mental health.

A sample of topics includes:  meditation, brain fitness, nutrition, osteoarthritis and bone health, neck and lower back issues, Parkinson's, and heart health.

Outdoor Activities -

These Hikes and Snowshoe trips are volunteer-led group activities along the front range and in the mountains.

Sports & Athletics -

These are both indoor and outdoor activities and include drop-in activities and organized teams.

A sample includes:  Softball, Volleyball, Golf, and Table Tennis.

For more information about all of our activities, check out the latest GO Catalog. Do you have an idea or are you looking for a certain class? Let us know by sending an email to or by calling 303-651-8411.

Supportive Services - 

Visit our Supportive Services page for more information. A sample includes: Information about and assistance accessing resources, Counseling Services, Educational Programs and Resources, Supportive Programs.

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