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Deployment - Snow & Ice

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The decision to begin snow and ice operations is based on many factors. These factors include predicted weather conditions, air and ground temperatures, and the potential for consecutive storms occurring in a short time period. Planning for a six inch snow storm will vary significantly depending on the month, forecasts, and existing road conditions.

We utilize a variety of advanced monitoring systems to gather timely and accurate information for planning and deployment. Learn more on our Technology & Tools webpage.

Ultimately, we continually strive to make the very best use of dollars available for the Snow & Ice Control Program. Activities we do before, during and after a storm are planned to prevent waste. Sometimes, this includes holding back on work that Mother Nature can best complete for free.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions webpage to find answers to common questions about anti-icing and plowing operations. You can also download the Snow Savvy Guide for a complete look at Longmont's Snow & Ice Control program.

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