FAQs - Snow and Ice

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  • How does the City determine when to begin snow operations?

  • Why don't you plow to the pavement?

  • What products does the City use to melt ice and how safe are they?

  • Why does the city spray liquid on dry streets before a storm?

  • Why does CDOT snow plowing look different than City plowing?

  • Why can't you plow snow to the center of the street instead of the side?

  • Why doesn’t Longmont plow ALL the streets after snowstorms to prevent snow and ice build-up?

  • Why does the ice form and accumulate in the street gutter?

  • During a snow/ice event, where can I find road condition updates?

  • How do you choose what streets to plow?

  • When is the best time to shovel my sidewalk and driveway?

  • Will the City clear my sidewalk?

  • Can I pass a snow plow in my car?

  • How close should I be when following a snow plow?

  • Does Longmont maintain highways that run through the city?

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