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Sidewalk Connections Program

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This program improves the function and safety of Longmont's transportation system by constructing critical missing links of sidewalk. Providing a complete sidewalk/trail system removes accessibility barriers in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and provides better connectivity between residential neighborhoods, greenway trails and commercial businesses. Completing sections of the sidewalk/trail system also promotes bicycle and pedestrian use as alternatives to single occupancy vehicles.

Program Details

Appropriate sidewalks are incorporated in the City's street standards for all street types. Sidewalks are currently provided on a large majority of streets throughout Longmont. However, there are missing sidewalk segments found throughout the city. A goal of Envision Longmont (the City's comprehensive plan) is to fill these gaps with sidewalks that best fit the street context as quickly as funding will allow or as development occurs.

The Sidewalk Connections Program functions to design and construct various sidewalks in the identified gaps that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and City Design Standards.

The Program focuses on developing accessible sidewalks in key areas of town where pedestrian activity is currently high or is expected to be high in the future, such as in downtown, near existing or planned transit stations, around schools and other community facilities, and as part of centers and street corridor development. The program also focuses on identifying and addressing sidewalk gaps and needs for pedestrian crossings, especially at major streets.

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