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Active Transportation: A means of traveling using human-powered mobility--primarily walking and biking

Envision Longmont

The Envision Longmont Multimodal and Comprehensive Plan, was developed to accommodate future growth and provide an integrated transportation system that offers residents, employees and visitors multiple means of efficient travel. Bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and automobile modes of travel are addressed, as well as travel demand management programs to reduce traffic congestion and support alternative modes.

Increasingly, attention is moving away from building new streets and instead looking at the full realm of transportation options as well as land use decisions to enable a better overall transportation system for mobility and accessibility.

Sustainability Plan

Longmont Sustainability Plan transportation objective: Invest in an efficient transportation system that enhances mobility, equitably supports multiple modes of transportation, reduces environmental impacts, and supports a healthier community.

The following transportation priorities are identified in the Sustainability Plan:

  • Air quality linkages
  • Transportation affordability and accessibility
  • Active transportation
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