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FAQ's for Bicycling in Longmont

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  • Which side of the street should I walk on?

  • Which side of the street should I ride my bike?

  • Should my kids ride their bikes on the sidewalk or in the street?

  • Does Longmont have a bicycle safety program for kids?

  • What other detours are coming up that I should be aware of?

  • The greenway has been in pieces since the flood. When will it be completed?

  • What should I wear when it is cold outside?

  • Why do some bikers ride in the middle of the lane when there is a bike lane?

  • What are the best routes in the winter when there is snow and ice?

  • What is the LOBO trail?

  • How do I get to...

  • What is the difference between the dashed bike lanes and the solid lanes?

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