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Roadside Memorials

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Official Policy for Memorials in the Right-of-Way

The City of Longmont sympathizes with the public’s desire to memorialize loved-ones in the proximity of a traffic-related accident. Roadside memorials are a common form of grieving, and Longmont City officials are sympathetic to the intention of community members to honor their loved-ones. The City must also ensure roads are safe for the entire community. Memorials in transportation corridors have the unintended but very real possibility of creating hazards that could lead to other accidents. Primary hazards are obstructions that block views of the road and traffic control devices or distractions that create unsafe driving conditions.

In order to balance safety considerations with community needs, the City sets forth the following policy regarding memorials created within the City’s Right-of-Way (ROW).


The City reserves the right to remove any memorial at any time for reasons it deems to be in the public interest. In particular, memorials demonstrating any of the following conditions will be removed immediately:

  • If it creates an obstruction, is unsafe, or violates Longmont Municipal Code or City policy.
  • If it is a permanent fixture, or is attached to an approved permanent fixture in a manner that interferes with the roadway or utilities.
  • If it generates debris or liter, or attracts graffiti or other nuisances.
  • If it is deemed to be offensive or the subject of numerous, continuous complaints.

Memorials and Removal

The City will allow memorials with the following stipulations and providing they are not prohibited as specified above:

  • Roadside memorials will be subject to removal within 60 days after the incident occurred.
  • The City will post a notice of removal at the location of the memorial for a minimum of 48 hours prior to removal.
  • The City will store non-perishable items from memorials for one week from the date of removal. The City will honor requests to return removed items during that time, although the City cannot guarantee the condition of the items at any time. People should call the Public Works and Natural Resources Department at 303-651-8416 to arrange a time for pickup.
  • The City does not have an interest in memorials that are placed on private property unless any such memorial is in violation of public rules and regulations. The public is advised that uses of private property adjacent to roadways may be subject to regulations prohibiting the placement of items that obstruct transportation view corridors, traffic signs, and/or traffic signals.
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