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Traffic Signals & Signs

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Traffic Signals

The City has staff specifically assigned to the operation of the City's traffic signal system, including installation of new signals/school flashers, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance. The preventive maintenance plan for signals requires a semi-annual inspection of the signalized intersection equipment and testing of its operational characteristics, and the signal systems require occasional timing adjustments and implementation of new timing programs.

In 1997, the City launched a program aimed at eventually having a complete inventory and map.  The program aims for surveying and mapping at least 10-12 intersections a year. 

This same division is also responsible for the Airport lighting system maintenance, including maintenance of runway and taxiway lighting, windsock replacement, beacon bulb replacement, and semi-annual preventative maintenance. 

Traffic Signs

Sign fabrication, installation and maintenance for traffic signs is done both in-house and by contract services. Throughout the year, the crews are responsible for maintaining signs. These include speed limit signs, stop signs and street name signs.

Currently, traffic crews are upgrading street name signs to improve visibility and legibility. Crews are also working to upgrade all regulatory (stop signs, speed limit signs, etc.) and warning signs to improve visibility. These changes are in response to Federal regulations that are intended to improve the effectiveness of traffic signage and thereby improve traffic safety. 

Pavement Markings

Traffic Operations is responsible for painting and maintaining pavement markings (such as striping, crosswalks, and arrows) as well as railroad markings.

Radar Speed Trailer

The radar speed trailer is an effective traffic calming tool that the City offers and can typically be deployed quickly. The trailers show the speed limit of the street on which they are places and they then display the actual speed of approaching vehicles. They remind drivers to watch their speed and as such are effective in slowing drivers down.

You can request the trailers at any time by contacting Traffic Engineering Administrator Tyler Stamey. Requests are processed in the order they are received and the trailers are typically placed on Monday and picked up the following Monday. The trailers can typically be placed on any neighborhood collector or local neighborhood streets. They are usually placed in the parking lane. Some streets that do not have parking lanes are difficult to find an appropriate location to place the trailers and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The trailers are not for use on arterial streets in Longmont.

 . Radar Speed Trailer

Report A Problem

If you would like to report a problem or concern about one of the topics below, please submit a request 24/7 via ServiceWorks! If the issue is presenting an immediate safety hazard, place call Transportation, Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm. If you have an urgent concern after hours, please contact Police Dispatch.

  • malfunctioning or damaged traffic signal
  • placement or timing of traffic signals
  • walk lights
  • request a new traffic sign or signal
  • report blown down, vandalized or missing traffic signs


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