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Expanded Trash Service & Curbside Composting

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The City of Longmont has a long history of providing trash service to its residents dating back to 1948. Like many other Front Range communities, Longmont operated its own landfill up until 1992, but closed it when costs to operate the facility and permitting were no longer feasible. Longmont Waste Services employees now haul trash daily to the Front Range Landfill in Erie. Longmont added curbside recycling in the 1990s to divert recyclable materials as landfill space became scarce and costly. After numerous public hearings, Council passed an ordinance that will carry Longmont into the next era of waste services.

In April 2017, the City launched a revised Pay As You Throw (PAYT) trash rate structure, voluntary composting service and an additional trash container size. All of these changes will help Longmont Waste Services prepare for future anticipated landfill costs and diminishing landfill space in the Front Range region of Colorado. The composting program diverts more waste from landfills. The revised PAYT rate structure brings more equity to the program by allowing customers who dispose of less trash to choose smaller container sizes at much lower subscription pricing.

Read an article from the Mayor about the importance of these changes (PDF, p. 2) >

A Closer Look

“Pay As You Throw”

Offering customers differing levels of collection is known as a “Pay As You Throw” in the waste services industry. The new Pay As You Throw (PAYT) program is intended to improve waste diversion by charging more for the higher volume containers and adding a smaller container at a much lower price. In 2015, a survey of trash containers in Longmont found that 80% of residents were oversubscribed, meaning they could go to a smaller container. The survey also discovered that 70% of trash containers in Longmont had substantial amounts of recyclable materials. The new PAYT rates will incentivize residents to recycle more and use smaller containers, thus diverting waste from the landfill while saving money.

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Curbside Compost Collection

The voluntary curbside composting service is an option-in (opt-in) service, meaning if you can choose to subscribe to the service. Longmont’s City Council recognized that not all residents may be interested in curbside composting collection. An opt-in model gives waste services customers the decision to have the service or not.

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Rates: Is one service helping to pay for another?

The rates for PAYT and composting are entirely independent of each other. Composting fees will pay for the entire cost of composting and not subsidize the trash/recycling service. Also, PAYT rates will only pay for trash/recycling and not subsidize the composting service.

Next Steps

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