Large Item Collection

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To dispose of large or bulky items that do not fit in your curbside trash container, you can schedule a special, large-item pick up. Large-item collections are scheduled for your regular trash collection day. This special collection service is limited and restrictions apply to the materials and quantities accepted.

Wonder if your item is accepted? Our Waste Wizard knows (and may have other disposal options as well). Ask our Waste Wizard about your large or bulky item >

Items Not Accepted

  • materials and debris produced by contracted services, such as construction, remodeling or landscape services, in or about the dwelling
  • concrete, rocks, dirt, or sod
  • solid waste produced by home occupations or any businesses
  • hazardous or infectious wastes
  • dead animal carcasses (other than small pest animals)
  • bulk liquids
  • automobile or truck bodies, chassis or parts

Reservation & Fees

  • Please contact Waste Services to schedule a large-item pick up.
  • Collection fees for large items are applied to your utility bill.
    • 1-2 items $60
    • 3 items (maximum) $75

Note: Longmont Municipal Code prohibits placing special collection items out prior to the Saturday before your scheduled collection.

Additional Large Item Disposal Resources

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