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Illegal Dumping

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Know What Illegal Dumping Is

It is considered illegal dumping when any junk, garbage or debris is left on public or private property without consent of the owner—including roadsides, open streets, and paved alleys. The items most commonly reported are TVs and computers, furniture, paints, solvents and other potentially hazardous liquids, tires, garbage, yard waste, and construction debris.

Illegal dumping is a growing challenge for Longmont. There is a significant cost associated with the seemingly innocent practice of unloading unwanted items and expecting that there is a service in place to pick them up.

Dispose of Items the Right Way

Not sure what to do with an item? Our easy to use Waste Wizard helps you learn how to dispose of items. Just type in the name of the item and the Waste Wizard tells you exactly what to do with it (or, in some cases, it even gives you several options). Give the Waste Wizard a try today >

The City of Longmont and our partners offer a variety of solutions for proper disposal.

Large Item Trash Pick-up  |  Free Landfill Drop Days  |  Recycling OptionsHousehold Hazardous Waste Facility  |  Rent-A-DumpsterWaste Diversion Center


Report Bad Behavior

Waste Services and Code Enforcement staff monitor neighborhoods daily to deter illegal dumping and investigate resident complaints. Community help is also essential to catching and deterring illegal dumps.

The City encourages anyone who encounters an illegal dump that has already taken place to report it. If you observe someone illegally dumping, please take down the following information:

  • Date, time and location of incident
  • Description of vehicle and license plate number
  • Description of person(s) dumping
  • What items/materials were being dumped
  • Your name and phone number (optional)


For illegal dumping that has already occurred:

For illegal dumping in progress:

Why Report Illegal Dumping

Accumulation of rotten, decaying garbage attracts rats and other disease-carrying creatures. Dumping hazardous waste puts people’s health at risk and can harm the environment. Illegal dumping can be associated with other forms of illegal activity. If tolerated, it sends a message to violators that it is allowable to dump garbage in your neighborhood or community.

Additional Ways to Help

  • Dispose of your own waste properly and spread the word to friends and neighbors that illegal dumping is a crime
  • Do not transport unsecured debris in the back of a vehicle, and always use a tarp or other cover
  • Support cleanup of vacant lots and other sites commonly used for illegal dumping
  • Report illegal camping on public property by contacting Public Safety
  • Report abandoned vehicles to Code Enforcement
  • Report junk stored in or around private property to Code Enforcement


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