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Water Line Replacement Program

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With over 450 miles of water line delivering over 5 billion gallons of high quality water to customers each year, it is critical that Longmont take care of its water lines to provide a reliable and efficient service. The City’s annual Water Line Replacement Program contracts with private sector contractors for replacement of deteriorating lines.

Your Dollars at Work

The Water Line Replacement Program is paid for through the Water Utility operating fund, which is funded through utility bills.

Selected Water Lines

This annual program prioritizes lines for replacement based on frequency of breaks and ability to complete multiple replacements in a consolidated area. The Water Line Replacement Program is a long-term, strategic effort. Breaks and basic care activities are performed through the City's utility maintenance operation.

Water line replacement work typically runs from August through November.

If your home or business is located in one of the replacement locations, you will receive a letter at least one week before the project notifying you of the work to be performed, timeline for completion and anticipated impacts to you.

Construction Process

City and contractor staff perform the following standard planned sequence for replacement of any water line.

  • Locate utilities and cut pavement along new water line alignment
  • Excavate and install new water line
  • Tie in new water line to existing water line (location varies and is site dependent)
  • Conduct water quality and pressure testing; usually takes a minimum of 7 days
  • Connect individual water services
  • Connect the new water line to the existing water line (location varies and is"" site dependent)
  • Complete permanent asphalt paving and site clean-up


Please contact Water with any questions or concerns related to the Water Line Replacement Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why is my water line being replaced?

  • Will I have water service during construction?

  • When will my water be turned off and will I be notified in advance?

  • How long will my water be turned off?

  • Will I have access to my driveway during construction?

  • Will my trash still be collected during construction?

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