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Stormwater & Drainage

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Services and Programs

  • Protect people and structures from flooding, which is a serious threat to Longmont.
  • Develop master plans for drainage basins in the city.
  • Develop floodplain maps with specific information about the flooding risk in each basin.
  • Rehabilitate and improve existing stormwater facilities that have deteriorated or reach the end of their design-life.
  • Issue Floodplain Development Permits within the city to manage development within the regulated or effective floodplain.
  • Work on drainage improvement projects that are designed and prioritized to provide cost-effective flood protection.
    • Projects are financed through monthly residential and business stormwater rates.
  • Work to protect and maintain the quality of streams, rivers and other vital water resources including irrigation ditches
    • The city's stormwater drainage system connects directly to the St. Vrain Creek. Protecting stormwater quality keeps our waterways healthy and preserves wildlife habitat.


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