City Staff Contact Directory

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#AskALibrarianAsk A Librarian EmailLibrary(303) 651-8470
#BookALibrarianBook A Librarian EmailLibrary
#General ContactBuilding Inspection Planning and Development Services(303) 651-8332
#General ContactChildren, Youth and FamiliesChildren, Youth and Families(303) 651-8580
#General ContactHuman ResourcesHuman Resources(303) 651-8609
#General ContactLPC Main OfficeLPC(303) 651-8386
#General Contact Planner On DutyPlanning and Development Services(303) 651-8330
#General ContactPower OutagesLPC(303) 776-0011
#General ContactUtility Billing SupportUtility Billing(303) 651-8664
#General ContactWeb SupportInformation Technology(303) 651-8601
#General Contact - DevelopmentDevelopment Services CenterDevelopment Services, Planning and Development Services(303) 651-8330
#General Contact - EnvironmentEnvironmental Services Environment, Public Works & Natural Resources(303) 651-8416
#General Contact - ForestryForestry ServicesForestry, Public Works & Natural Resources(303) 651-8416
#General Contact - LibraryLibrary General EmailLibrary(303) 651-8470
#General Contact - Municipal CourtMunicipal CourtCourt(303) 774-4804
#General Contact - Park SheltersPark Shelter ReservationsCommunity Services, Parks, Open Space and Trails, Public Works & Natural Resources, Recreation(303) 651-8404
#General Contact - Parks/TrailsParks, Open Space and TrailsParks, Open Space and Trails, Public Works & Natural Resources(303) 651-8416
#General Contact - RTD Bus SystemTransportationPublic Works & Natural Resources, Transportation(303) 299-6000
#General Contact - Stormwater Quality ProgramStormwater Quality ProgramEnvironment, Public Works & Natural Resources, Water(303) 651-8416
#General Contact - StreetsTransportationPublic Works & Natural Resources, Transportation(303) 651-8416
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