City Staff Contact Directory

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Webb, MichelleResearch and Community EngagementPublic Safety(303) 651-8541
Wederquist, JohnPolice SergeantPublic Safety(303) 651-8874
Weese, WadePolice OfficerPublic Safety(330) 774-4300 ext. 3283
Wetzel, ChrisFire RecruitPublic Safety(303) 651-8437
Wheeler, ChrystiePolice OfficerPublic Safety(303) 774-4300 ext. 3383
Whitcomb, GenaOffice AssistantCommunity Services, Recreation(303) 774-4300 ext. 2414
White, Christopher Police OfficerPublic Safety(303) 774-4300 ext. 8893
Wickstrom, James Firefighter / ParamedicPublic Safety(303) 651-8437
Wilson, DianaPurchasing & Contracts ManagerPurchasing(303) 651-8345
Winship, John Police OfficerPublic Safety(303) 774-4300 ext. 2223
Wisne, GeraldFirefighterPublic Safety(303) 651-8437
Wittich, BrucePolice Sergeant - DetectivesPublic Safety(303) 651-8521
Witty, LindseyFitness SpecialistCommunity Services, Recreation(303) 774-4752
Wojniak, JenniferAdministrative AssistantCommunity Services, Recreation(303) 774-4756
Wolford, DanLand Program AdministratorPublic Works & Natural Resources(303) 774-4691
Wolfrum, NickDirector of Engineering Services Public Works & Natural ResourcesPublic Works & Natural Resources(303) 651-8307
Wollan, AnnetAdministrative Assistant PatrolPublic Safety(303) 774-4352
Wood, DeniseManager Public Safety Information and TechnologyPublic Safety(303) 651-8506
Woods, CathyManager of ETS(303) 651-8679 ext. 8679
Yost, Maria Administrative AssistantPlanning and Development Services(303) 651-8330
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