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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Airport

    • Airport Concerns

    • Airport General Information

    • Can the City of Longmont impose aircraft restrictions or ban nighttime aircraft operations for the purpose of reducing aircraft noise?

    • Does the City of Longmont have any responsibility for the Vance Brand Municipal Airport?

    • Does the City of Longmont receive Federal or State funds for the operation of Vance Brand Airport?

    • How busy is the airport? How is the level of activity at the airport measured?

    • How do I report an aircraft that is flying too low or in an unsafe manner?

    • Is there a legal minimum altitude that airplanes can fly over residential areas?

    • Is there Federal assistance available to help mitigate aircraft noise?

    • My concern isn't about noise; it's about safety. Who should I contact?

    • My house is not supposed to be under the flight path, so why do I get over flights?

    • Other airports restrict aircraft operations to control noise, including several Colorado airports, so why is the City of Longmont prohibited from doing the same?

    • What are the airport's hours of operation?

    • What are the rules regarding how low an aircraft can fly over a residential area?

    • What authority does the FAA have over the Vance Brand Municipal Airport?

    • What can the City of Longmont do to keep airplanes from flying over my neighborhood?

    • What effort is the City of Longmont taking to reduce noise impacts on the community?

    • What good does it do to call in or complete an online noise complaint form when the noise abatement program is voluntary?

    • What happens when I file a noise complaint on the online Noise Complaint Form?

    • What is the procedure to complain about airport noise?

    • When do most airplanes depart or arrive at Longmont's airport?

    • Which areas experience the greatest amount of aircraft over flights?

    • Why are training flights that originate at other airports using the Vance Brand Municipal Airport?

    • Why can't the airport be moved to Interstate 25 or east of Interstate 25?

    • Why do I always get aircraft flying over my house during bad weather?

    • Why do so many airplanes take off and land in the same direction?

    • Why is there airplane traffic during the middle of the night?

    • Will filing a noise complaint change how the Airport operates?

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