Important Notice: Please Comply with Statewide Stay at Home Order

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Starting at 8 am on Tuesday, March 17th, the Development Services Center is CLOSED to the public in order to reduce the spread of the COVID19 virus. Staff is available to answer questions, please call 303-651-8332 or email us at

Click here for a list of City services that will still be available during the closures. 

Update on inspections - 3/18/20

Building Inspectors will suspend inspections that require entering homes or apartments until further notice. We are still performing new home construction and commercial construction provided the following can be maintained. 

1. Public safety isolation of six feet from persons in the building.
2. No more than ten persons gathered in a space or room.
3. No entering buildings with persons who have been exposed to COVID-19.
4. Inspector has access to PPE- glasses, gloves.

 If you have concerns or questions regarding a building inspection, please call 303-651-8332.


Look up permits/Apply for a permit/Schedule an inspection


Applying for your permit online, looking up permit information, and scheduling inspections has been made easier.

Note:  At this time you do not need to create an account to Look Up Permits or Schedule Inspections. If you don't see the permit you need please go to the applications page.

Daily Inspection Schedule 

If you would like to view the routing order for your scheduled inspection please click the following link:

Inspection Route Schedule

Plan Review Turnaround Time

Due to the current volume of permit submittals, our turnaround time frame for Plan Review is approximately:

Commercial New Construction: 4 weeks for initial review and 3 weeks for revisions

Commercial Remodel or Tenant Finish: 3 weeks for initial review and 1 to 2 weeks for revisions

Residential New Construction: 3-4 weeks for initial review (depending on volume)

Residential Remodel: 3-5 business days for basement finish, decks, patio covers, all other interior remodels

Residential Additions and ADU's:  3-4 weeks for initial review (depending on volume)


Please visit our FAQ’s for answers to your building inspection and permitting questions.  If the FAQ’s didn’t answer all your questions, please contact us at 303-651-8332 or and we will respond within 24 hours.


This site provides general information regarding the building and permitting process in the City of Longmont. The information contained herein may not cover specific questions or projects, so please contact Building Inspection at (303) 651-8332.

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