Building Inspection FAQs

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  • Building Inspection

    • Do my permit drawings need to be prepared by a licensed professional architect or engineer?

    • Do you require a drywall/screw inspection?

    • Does the City of Longmont provide “next day inspections”?

    • How many copies of drawing sets are required for my permit submittal?

    • I have roof damage from hail/ wind, is a permit required to repair the roof?

    • I only have one plane of my roof that I want to replace, can I replace just that plane?

    • Is an electronic stamp on construction drawings ok for my permit submittal?

    • Is drip edge required with a roof replacement?

    • Is ice and water shield required on roofing replacements?

    • What is required for a demolition permit?

    • What is your climatic and geographic design criteria?

    • When is a structural engineer required for a sign permit submittal?

    • When is an asbestos report required for my permit submittal?

    • Which departments review my commercial permit submittals?

    • Will ladders need to be provided for roof inspections?

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