Children, Youth and Families mission is to "inspire and empower children, youth and families to be active responsible members of society while strengthening the connection with the community."

Counseling: Short-term counseling services are provided to help youth and/or their families assess issues, set goals, improve communication, mediate conflicts and provide a direction for the future. Services include individual, group and family counseling, assessment and referral follow up, and coordination of community and school services. Services can be accessed through the Children, Youth and Families facility. Bilingual (English/Spanish) services provided.

Family Success:
Families are assisted in accessing various resources available in the community. Services helps families assess needs while strengthening family bonds. Potential family issues might include, but are not limited to, legal issues, school issues, economic concerns, and parent/child conflict. Bilingual (English/Spanish) services provided.
Strengthening Families
Youth Homelessness
Teen Mom Support Groups

Youth Development: Children and youth are provided experiences that build developmental assets in areas such as communication, teamwork, youth relationships, community service, grant making, political advocacy and improving community. Programs are focused on providing children and youth with key experiences that help them to grow into productive and contributing members of our community or any community in which they choose to reside. This area also includes the coordination of the St. Vrain Valley response to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Bilingual (English/Spanish) services provided.
The Zone –After school program
Youth Council
Youth Original Recording Studio (YORS)
Abriendo Puertas, United GENTE

Community Problem Solving: This area focuses on working with the community on issues that they have identified that relate to youth. Current focus areas are gang prevention and intervention and alcohol awareness. Services provided are the coordination of the community gang task force (GRIP), gang prevention and intervention classes for youth and their parents. Bilingual (English/Spanish) services provided.
GRIP (Gang Response and Intervention Program)
All- Out League

Early Education: Bright EYES (Early Years Education Stewards) is a community based early childhood coalition that is focusing on implementing strategies in Longmont to help young children be ready for school and ready for life. Improving school readiness means ensuring that children have access to resources and opportunities to improve their health, language and cognitive skills ,and their social-emotional development. Bilingual (English/Spanish) services provided.
Mayor's Book Club

Family Literacy Training

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