Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate inclusive, resourceful, and compassionate communities throughout the City of Longmont. We serve as a bridge to help individuals and neighborhoods connect with the City's diverse communities, access resources, problem-solve, and strengthen knowledge to enhance quality of life.

Our Programs

We offer a variety of services, including neighborhood and sustainability programs, housing retention, cultural awareness, mediation services, and parking enforcement.
Neighborhood Programs and Sustainability
Neighborhoods with active community groups share a stronger sense of community and quality of life, benefiting from improved health and happiness, lower crime rates, and higher property values. Our programs will empower your community to create sustainable and resilient neighborhoods. Connect with neighbors at a block party, host an outdoor movie night, plant a community pollinator garden, build a Little Free Library, or facilitate other community improvements. Learn more about Neighborhood Programs.
Housing Retention
Whether you're a landlord or tenant, we can assist with conflict resolution and problem solving to prevent eviction from occurring. Out educational workshops and mediation services will equip you with communication strategies to help you create and maintain successful landlord/tenant relationships. Learn more about Housing Retention.
Cultural Awareness
We're committed to improving the social climate among our residents. Connect with us to find out how to build better relationships with your peers across socioeconomic, religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Learn more about Cultural Awareness.
Mediation Services and Referrals
If you work or live in Longmont, you are eligible for mediation services to help you navigate a variety of work/life concerns, at no cost to you. Get help with issues affecting your family; housing; neighborhood; employment; and more. We can also refer you to the community or city service that best fits your needs. Learn more about Mediation Services.
Parking Enforcement
The City of Longmont's parking enforcement officers are responsible for educating the public about, and upholding, the parking ordinances for the City of Longmont. Parking Enforcement patrols public City lots and streets throughout the City of Longmont. Learn more about Parking Enforcement.

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