Neighborhood Programs

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Community and Neighborhood Resources staff works with neighborhoods, the community and city staff to:

  • Build neighborhood capacity to identify and resolve neighborhood issues
  • Empower individuals and neighborhoods to maintain and enhance their quality of life; and strengthen the City's organizational capacity to work with neighborhoods
  • Help residents start new neighborhood groups by providing facilitation, coaching and support


  • Coordinate monthly information-sharing meetings for neighborhood group leaders (NGLA).
  • Coordinate neighborhood action training workshops for interested residents
  • Print neighborhood newsletters and other neighborhood communications for registered neighborhood groups
  • Administer the Neighborhood Improvement Fund by awarding grants to qualified registered neighborhood groups
  • Administer the Neighborhood Activity Grants which supports activities organized by neighborhood groups, such as expenses for meetings, picnics, block parties, celebrations, skill building workshops, and networking events
  • Assist neighborhoods with other resources such as grants
  • Refer neighborhood disputes to mediation
  • Help with neighborhood cleanups
  • Acts as liaison to the Second Start Community Garden
  • Provide links with City and community services
  • Coordinate neighborhood problem-solving meetings

For more information, please telephone Carmen Ramirez, Community and Neighborhood Resources at (303) 651-8445 or email: [email protected]

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