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Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can work to end homelessness. Together, we can find solutions.

In 2018, Longmont held community events during which participants identified service gaps and ways to meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable community members with the idea that we can all take one step toward ending homelessness and together make a real difference.

On October 15th, we invited you to continue our community conversation and explore how we can take one more step to end homelessness. We look forward to hearing your ideas as we continue this journey together.

To learn more about homelessness in Longmont and beyond, please see the presentation shared with participants during the August 29th community conversation, or download a summary of these conversations here.

Let’s Take One Step Together to Help Our Community Members Who are Homeless

We see it here in Longmont: men, women, and sometimes children sleeping on blankets in a neighborhood park. Tents set up along the greenway. People asking for money at busy intersections.

These are all signs of homelessness in our community. But what can we do about it?

We believe each one of us can take one step forward in ending homelessness.

Local non-profits and governments in Boulder County have teamed up to create a coordinated entry process where individuals are assessed and connected with either immediate resources or year-round housing-focused shelter depending on their needs. Longmont Police has formed a street outreach team in order to connect people with resources and ensure the safety of our community (keep in mind that homelessness is not a crime). Public Works staff have committed to cleaning up homeless camps quickly, once reported. City services, however, are only part of the equation.

You can be part of the solution just by taking one step.

  • Take one step by recognizing that people experiencing homelessness often are people just like you who have simply become overwhelmed by their life circumstances. Acknowledge their presence – even by just saying “hello”.
  • Take one step by contacting HOPE at 720-494-4673 (daytime) or 720-210-7217 (evening) if you see someone in need so that their street outreach team can get them help.
  • Take one step by donating money or supplies to the OUR Center, HOPE or other non-profits working on homeless solutions in Longmont rather than directly to homeless individuals. Giving money directly to a person experiencing homelessness does not address the root problem.
  • Take one step by volunteering your time with the OUR Center, HOPE or other non-profits that working towards helping people transition out of homelessness and into stable housing.
  • Take one step by reporting homeless camps to Public Works and Natural Resources at 303-651-8416.

  • Take one step by learning about the Boulder Shelter which provides sheltering for all adults experiencing homelessness in Boulder County.

We’re asking Longmont residents to work together as an entire community to guide people onto a path out of homelessness and into stable housing. They’ll be able to get the help they need with options including mental health services, job training, and housing.

If everyone takes just one step, we can help the most vulnerable members of our community.

Not sure what to do? Let us know by calling or emailing us or visit our page titled Resources for People Experiencing Homelessness.

For more information about how Boulder County communities are working together and coordinating resources to address adult homelessness, please visit Boulder County Homeless Systems Collaborative.


View, download, print, and distribute the Take One More Step flyer for our next community meeting. 

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