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Housing Advisory Board

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Advise and assist Council on understanding housing and human service needs of the Longmont Community.

Ongoing Tasks of Board

  • Assess the effectiveness of current housing programs managed by the city including the allocation of resources, targeting, and long-range affordable housing sustainability.
  • Research and recommend new and innovative approaches to address priority housing concerns.
  • Recommend a housing policy for the city that will guide housing development in general by specifying targets for all income levels, for families, seniors, and other population segments.
  • Support a regional approach for addressing the jobs/housing balance, specifically with Boulder, Weld, and Broomfield Counties.
  • Involve neighborhoods in the discussion of neighborhood redevelopment or revitalization.
  • Assist staff in the development of affordable housing strategies and initiatives.
  • Review and recommend projects for funding using CDBG, HOME and local Affordable Housing Funds to Council


The Advisory Board shall represent all ages of adults from the various social, economic, ethnicity and racial segments of the community.

Technical Review Group for Affordable Housing Projects

Purpose: Review affordable housing project applications for technical merit and provide information to Longmont Housing and Human Services Advisory Board (HHSAB) for their final review and recommendation to Council.

The duties of the Technical Review Group include:

  • Recommend to HHSAB affordable housing goals for the Affordable Housing Fund (AHF), the CDBG and HOME programs, and policies or criteria to be used to meet these goals
  • Analyze applications for:
    • Experience and capacity of developer (i.e. number of years of experience, other projects completed, work plan for project, schedule for completion, etc.)
    • Cost (i.e. comparison of cost per square foot and per affordable unit, evaluation of developer's fee, loan to value ratios, etc.)
    • Financial feasibility (i.e. leveraging, status of other funding commitment, operating reserves, contingency funds for emergencies, etc.)
    • Conformance to affordability requirement (i.e. follow priorities by income, by type of unit, location within community, special needs groups)


The up to 8 member Technical Review Group (TRG) will include on HHSAB member (chosen annually) as well as representation form the following groups:

  • Housing Builder
  • Housing Developer
  • Real Estate Community
  • Banking/Lending Community
  • Special needs population (physically handicapped, mentally ill, homeless, seniors)
  • Low income persons or groups that serve the low income population

Members shall serve staggered terms so that approximately 1/3 is up for renewal in any one year.


Point Person: Kathy Fedler, Housing and Community Investment Manager


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