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Good storytellers do more than read books aloud -- they bring the words alive and transport us to other worlds, times, and experiences.  The Spellbinders storytellers group is an international non-profit organization with the goal of restoring the art of oral storytelling and connecting elders to youngsters through stories. 

Spellbinder volunteers visit classrooms throughout the year, sharing stories, promoting literacy, and building community. The Longmont Public Library is fortunate to be home to a chapter of Spellbinders storytellers that relishes the opportunity to connect with younger generations, share their knowledge and wisdom, and be vital and contributing members of their community. 

Educators Interested in Learning More:

  • To learn more about the Spellbinders program and/or to arrange for a classroom visit from a Spellbinder storyteller, please contact Children's and Teens' Librarian Kathleen Kunau by email or by calling 303-651-8884.

Adults Interested in Volunteering:

  • If you are interested in joining our Spellbinders group or would just like to learn more about how to support this effort, please contact Children's and Teens' Librarian Kathleen Kunau by email or by calling 303-651-8884.
  • Training sessions are held several times per year, and adults of all ages and experiences are welcome!

Next Training: March 2018!

  • The Longmont Public Library's chapter of the Spellbinder Storytellers is offering a volunteer orientation and training! Learn how to engage children and promote literacy and imagination through oral storytelling in classrooms throughout the St. Vrain Valley Schools.
  • Training sessions will be held at the Library on the following dates, from 1 to 4 pm:
    • Tuesday, March 6
    • Friday, March 9
    • Wednesday, March 14
    • Wednesday, March 21
  • Advance registration is required and volunteers must be available to attend all trainings. Please contact Kathleen Kunau by email or by phone at (303) 651-8884.
  • After training, volunteers will shadow experienced storytellers before being placed in classrooms for monthly storytimes.
  • If you value literacy, enjoy spending time with kids, and have the time to change lives, please consider joining us!
  • Download and print our informative flyer to keep or share with others.



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