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The Great Courses

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The Great Courses is one of the premier learning series in the world, and it is THE preeminent learning series if you want high quality instruction from the very best in their fields.  Partnering with prestigious organizations including National Geographic, the Smithsonian Institutes, and the Mayo Clinic, the series features engaging and understandable lectures by esteemed professors, professionals, and experts. These courses are available for purchase online, ranging in price from $35.00 to hundreds of dollars per series, but they are FREE at the Library.

The Great Courses Lecture Topics

  • Better Living:  Food & Wine; Health, Fitness, & Nutrition; Hobby & Leisure; Personal Development; Travel; Parenting; Crafts & Woodworking
  • Economics & Finance
  • Fine Arts:  Art History; Studio Art
  • High School: History; Math; Science; Study Skills; Critical Thinking Skills; Reading & Writing
  • History: American History; Ancient History - Classical or World; Civilization & Culture; Medieval History;  Modern World History; Renaissance & Early Modern History; Military History
  • Literature & Language:  Ancient Literature & Mythology; American Literature; British Literature; Linguistics; World Literature; Writing; Genre; Literary Surveys
  • Mathematics:  Applied Mathematics; History of Mathematics; Mathematical Theory
  • Music:  Classical Music; Modern Music; Musical Theory
  • Philosophy & Intellectual History:  Ancient Philosophy; Intellectual History; Medieval Philosophy; Modern Philosophy
  • Professional:  Business; Communication Skills; Education; Leadership Skills; Thinking Skills
  • Religion: Biblical Studies; Christianity; Comparative; Eastern & World Religions; Judaism; Medieval Philosophy
  • Science: Astronomy & Space; Biology; Earth Sciences; Engineering & Technology; History and Philosophy of Science; Medicine; Neuroscience & Psychology; Physics & Chemistry; Social Sciences

The Great Courses at the Library

The Library has an extensive collection of The Great Courses lecture series available for check out.  With nearly dozens of lecture titles on all the major topics listed above, there is truly something for anyone with a curious mind.

Get Yours Today:

  • The Great Courses in CD sets are located in audio materials (some with oversized materials)
  • The Great Courses in DVD sets are located with other DVDs
  • The Great Courses check out for 3 weeks
  • Overdue CD sets are charged $.10 per day
  • Overdue DVD sets are charged $.50 per day

With the Great Courses, library patrons can learn about everything from economics to fine art to travel.

Click the button to see all the Great Courses in our collection!

Questions or comments?  Stop by the 2nd Floor Information desk, call (303) 651-8472, or email us.


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