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Kids Corner: You Are Power-ful

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Note to parents and teachers: The LPC Kids Corner is intended to raise electrical knowledge and awareness for children who are 10 years old or younger. Longmont has a rich history of supplying its own electricity, and we want the youngest members of our community to be able to share in that. If you have additional suggestions for the page or would like to discuss other ways that we can assist a classroom experience, please email or call 303-651-8793.

We live in an electric world. If you have ever …

  • Turned on the television after school
  • Used a microwave to make a snack
  • Chatted with friends online
  • Or had to finish just one more chapter by the light of your bedroom lamp

… then you’ve brought electricity into your life.


Today, most of us couldn’t imagine living without it. Because of that, the utilities that provide that electricity, like Longmont Power & Communications, have a special responsibility. Losing power for even a short time can disrupt a home, a school, or a workplace, so electrical connections need to be extremely reliable. In the hot summer months when everyone is using lots of electricity to run their air conditioners at full blast, you don't want the power to crash!

But where does all this electrical power come from? How does it work? What do I do if I see a broken power line? Below, we’ll provide you with links to answer all these questions and more, so that by the time you’re done, you’ll be a Power Pro.


Power Basics

What is electricity? How does it get to me?


Power History

Who came up with this stuff? How did it get to Longmont?


Power Sources

Where does my power come from?


Power Safety

What should I be careful about?


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