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This is your NextLight™ internet. Welcome home

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55 a month special rate 

You get the chance to build your hometown and strengthen your community.

That’s because NextLight is:

• 100% community-owned. Your dollars stay in your city, your network.

• 100% community-based. When you call for technical support, you get help from across town, not across the world.

• 100% community-focused.Our attention is on making life better for Longmont’s residents and businesses, both old and new. When you choose NextLight, you choose a neighbor. You create local jobs. You build opportunities. And you make Longmont a city to be proud of.

It’s time to connect. Call 303-651-8386 to sign up and help Longmont shine brighter than ever

NextLight... It’s 100% about you


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CONTACT INFORMATION                                HOURS OF OPERATION - NextLight Customer Service:
Main Office: (303) 651-8386                           Monday-Friday (phone)      8 am to 6 pm 
Outages: (303) 776-0011                                Saturday (phone)                8 am to 4:30pm                         Monday - Friday (doors)     8 am to 5 pm

NextLight Technical Service:                                                                         LOCATION
Monday-Friday (phone)     7 am to 9 pm                                                       Service Center
Saturday (phone)               8 am to 5 pm                                                       1100 South Sherman St.
Monday - Friday (doors)    8 am to 5 pm                                                        Longmont, CO 8050

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