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Get the Most from your Connection

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ONT, ONT with Built In Wireless Router, and Router Options

While a router is not required to run NextLight on a single machine, having one can give you the versatility to use your connection with every computer  in your home. It also creates an extra “firewall” of security between your computers and the Internet, allowing you greater peace of mind.

Your installation of NextLight includes a free ONT, or “fiber modem,” that can be used with most commercially-available wireless routers. A sample list of routers that have been benchmarked with wired throughput of 800 megabits per second or faster can be found below; your local retailer may know of others.  Note that wireless throughput will be quite a bit less than wired!

You can also upgrade to an ONT that has a built-in wireless router.  This unit has four ports and a rated wired throughput of 1 Gbps, and can be leased from LPC for $8.95 per month. If you already have a standard ONT and would like to upgrade to our “wireless gateway,” please call us at (303) 774-4494.


Choosing a Router

To get the most from a high-speed Internet connection like NextLight, it helps to have high-speed gear. Visit to see a list of routers that will offer the highest throughput. Makes and models can change quickly, so be sure to check with an expert you trust before making a final decision.

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