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Tree Trimming

Keeping trees trimmed around electric power lines is important to ensure public safety and maintain the integrity of the power system. Longmont Power & Communications trims trees in public right of ways, including streets and alleys, near all main high-voltage lines that bring power to the poles near your home or business. Trees completely on private property that interfere with the lines running from poles to your house or business are the responsibility of the property owner.

At your request, LPC will temporarily turn off power to your home or business so you can do maintenance tree trimming. To schedule a shut off, call Longmont Power & Communications at 303-651-8386 during regular business hours. If you want a shut off to take place after hours or on a weekend or holiday, you will be billed for crew and vehicle time as well as materials used; otherwise, the shut off is free. Two working days notice is required for all requests.

To request a temporary shut off for maintenance trimming, call Longmont Power & Communications during regular business hours at (303) 651-8386. When hiring someone to trim your tree, please make sure they are a City-licensed tree contractor.

If you must contact us after hours to schedule a shut off, call City Source, the city’s 24-hour information source, at (303) 774-4370. Then press 1294 to leave your name, addresses, and phone number. Also, please mention that you are requesting a temporary shut-off for tree trimming.

Careful attention when planting trees can head off power line problems. For more information on what to think about, check out these tips on avoiding tree and utility conflicts. 

Electric Safety Quick Tips for the Community

  • Do not climb trees or fly drones or kites near power lines. A cotton string attached to a kite can conduct electricity.
  • Never try to remove anything from an overhead power line. Call LPC for assistance at 303-651-8386.
  • If you see a downed power line, move away from it and anything touching it. The ground around power lines - up to 35 feet away - may be energized.
  • Water and electricity don't mix. Avoid damp conditions (including wet grass) when using electricity.

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