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Residential Charter Member Deal (1,000 Mbps upload and download for $49.95/mo)

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Commercial Services


Residential Services

The future starts here.
In 2017, Longmont became Colorado’s first “Gig City,” providing citywide symmetrical gigabit internet service, without data caps and with a universe of possibilities. Our community recognizes that in today’s world, high-speed broadband is not a luxury, but a necessity for our businesses, schools, and families. By creating a community-owned network with the speed and quality of NextLight™, Longmont has given itself the tools it needs to build an exciting future for all.


Gig deal

  • Get upload and download speeds of up to 1 gigabit (that’s 1,000 megs!) for only $49.95 a month.*
  • Carry the rate with them if they move to a new address in Longmont.
  • transfer the rate to someone purchasing their home.

Subject to current terms and conditions of the NextLightTM Charter Member Program

*NextLight 1Gbps Internet provides a full 1Gbps symmetrical connection from our fiber modem to the Internet. The cables and devices, including Ethernet cabling, routers, and computer hardware that connect to the fiber modem can be limited to speeds below 1Gbps in some cases. This can affect the actual throughput speeds experienced by the customer. To maximize the throughput speed and take full advantage of the 1Gbps connection, customers should reference their NextLight Welcome Kit for helpful tips and suggestions or click here to see the digital welcome kit.


Residential Services

Charter member 





Digital Voice


      $49.95   $99.95 $39.95 $25.00
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Digital Voice International Rates


NextLight is proud to announce that it's working with next-generation television provider Layer3 TV, allowing NextLight customers to create a "virtual bundle" of high-quality service. Also known as "The New Cable," Layer3 TV is offering an exclusive rate for its Platinum allHD™ package to NextLight customers. For more details, visit Layer3 TV online or call 844-295-3391 to subscribe.

Commercial Broadband and Digital Voice

Whatever your business bandwidth usage, we have a broadband solution for you. If our standard service offerings don't have what you need, we are happy to provide you with a custom solution. Just give us a call!

25Mbps download/
5Mbps upload

50Mbps download/

10Mbps upload  

100Mbps download/

20Mbps upload

250 Mbps download/

50Mbps upload

500Mpbs download/

250Mbps upload 

1Gbps download/

500Mbps upload 

$49.95   $99.95 $179.95
$399.95 $599.95 $799.95

25 Mbps




100 Mbps


250 Mbps



$59.95   $129.95 $229.95 $499.95
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Digital Voice International Rates



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