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NextLight’s known for being fast and hassle-free, and signing up is just as quick and easy. Start here to begin getting connected, so you can start living life at the speed of NextLight.


 To celebrate our fifth anniversary, we’re offering new subscribers the chance to get our home gigabit service for $55/month if they sign up by Dec. 31. The same speed that’s wowed the nation, the same reliability that Longmont loves, and a “happy birthday” price to welcome some new members to our fiber family.

And while we’re at it – don’t forget that if you’re already a NextLight customer, you can get a present of your own for helping spread the word. Any time you refer someone to us who signs up for NextLight and drops your name, we give you $50 off your next month’s internet service. They win. You win. And the Gig City gets a little bigger.

*Offer valid for new customers and returning customers in good standing. Limited time, non-transferable. Must sign up by December 31st to receive special rate.

About Gig Service

NextLight 1Gbps Internet provides a full 1Gbps symmetrical connection from our fiber modem to the Internet. The cables and devices, including Ethernet cabling, routers, and computer hardware that connect to the fiber modem can be limited to speeds below 1Gbps in some cases. This can affect the actual throughput speeds experienced by the customer. To maximize the throughput speed and take full advantage of the 1Gbps connection, customers should reference their NextLight Welcome Kit for helpful tips and suggestions.

Standard Gigabit symmetrical connection $69.95 a month25 price banner

* All NextLight residential connections are symmetrical, offering identical upload and download speeds.
+The Loyalty Member rate is a discounted rate, received after 12 consecutive months of standard-rate NextLight gigabit service.

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NextLight Referral Program

Once you have NextLight, spread the word! When you send us a residential referral that becomes a NextLight customer, your home gets $50 off your next month's NextLight service.

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