Public Power Week Contest 2017

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Show the Power of Your Haiku, And Win a Kindle Fire!

Behold this contest,
Your quickly-written three lines
Can win a Kindle!

It really is that simple. For this year’s Public Power Week contest, send us a haiku celebrating your favorite use of public power and your entry will be put into a drawing for a gift basket that includes a Kindle Fire and a $50 downtown gift card. All entries must be received by Oct. 7.

What’s a haiku? A quick three-line poem, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second line, and five in the third line. It’s the poetry equivalent of Twitter.

What’s Public Power Week? A celebration of the reliable and affordable community-owned electric utilities that serve 49 million Americans. It’s held every year in the first full week of October.

What do they have to do with each other? Both haiku and public power are simple things with a lot of fun possibilities. Reliable power means you can run Christmas lights, surf the internet, watch a movie, or cheer a football game as easily as … well, as easily as saying seventeen syllables out loud. (And since that reliable power is also affordable power, customers can save big – last year, Longmont saved $27.3 million compared to the average Colorado community!) 

Can you give me some examples? Sure! (But no fair entering with these, OK?) If what you love is a good late-night movie, your entry might look something like:

A soft late night glow,
It’s family movie time,
Thanks to our own power.

If you’d rather cheer on a concert instead, it might look more like:

Let’s light up the stage,
A great band cranks the volume,
Public power rocks!

What if I’m more visual? A picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re unsure about your hauiku ability, send us your own photograph or illustration of your favorite public power use instead, with an explanatory caption.

Where do I send this? Either by email to, or by Facebook message to Longmont Power & Communications, or by mail to 1100 South Sherman St, Longmont, CO 80501. All entries must be family-appropriate, and must arrive by Oct. 7!

What do I win again? A gift basket containing a Kindle Fire, a $50 gift-card, and other LPC prizes. We’ll randomly draw the winner. All prizes must be accepted by Oct. 31 so that we can arrange a picture and announcement, and all entries may be used in future publicity. 

 Sounds cool! It is! Now grab a pen, and show us your power!


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