Public Power Week Contest 2018

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Color in your love of public power, and win!

Whether you love pink, black, or atomic tangerine, we’re ready to put your crayons to work! For this year’s Public Power Week, choose one of our coloring pages that celebrates community-owned power and electric safety, and color it in. Once you complete the sentence on the bottom of the page, “I love LPC’s electricity because …” we’ll enter your work of art into a drawing for a $50 downtown gift card! All entries must be received by Oct. 13.

Cool! Where are the pages?
Right at the bottom of this web page. Click on the picture you want, download it, and have fun!

What’s Public Power Week?
A celebration of the reliable and affordable community-owned electric utilities that serve 49 million Americans. It’s held every year in the first full week of October.

So why coloring?
Like public power, it’s something simple that lets you have a lot of fun. Safe, reliable power means you can watch a movie, light a Christmas tree, cheer a football game, chat online … or keep the bedroom light on to color just a little bit later.

Do I have to do anything else?
We like hearing from you! So with your picture, we’d like you to finish one sentence: “I love LPC’s electricity
because …” Again, nice and simple!

Where do I send this?
You can either email your entry to, mail or hand-deliver it to 1100 South Sherman St., Longmont, CO 80501, or send it by Facebook message to Longmont Power & Communications.

Is there an age limit?
Nope! Whether you’re a kid, or an adult who happens to be a kid at heart, we’ll take your entry.

Where can I find the formal rules?
Rules can be found right this way.

Sounds fun!
It is! Grab a picture and have a colorful time!

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