Portal Gallery

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Situated near our special exhibition space in the Museum, the Portal Gallery features large scale, site specific art created by regional artists. Admission is free to this gallery.

 Charles Counter

Small Wood Sculptures by Charles Counter

June 2, 2017 - January 6, 2018

Classifications are fluid in the work of Denver artist Charles Counter. Nature becomes synthetic, shadows become solid, painting becomes sculpture, and inexpensive materials become fine art. Making these distinctions helps us define ourselves. And the blurring of these lines is meant to be provocative. As the artist says, “I am interested in the interaction between the observer and what’s observed. The observed, or natural world, has long been a focus of human interest in both science and art. My work is simply continuing this focus from a personal perspective. When we consider how we construct meaning from the world that surrounds us, we provide a fundamental ground for formulating our sense of self.”

Through the small wood sculptures in this exhibit, Counter explores how we understand the idea of the natural world around us though observation and memory — a perfect complement to the TreeHouses exhibit!

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