Overview of the Irwin Thomas Gravel Mine Operation

Map Location of Irwin Thomas PropertyA gravel mining operation is expected to begin in 2020 on the property located south of Highway 119, east of the Harvest Junction development. The gravel mine was permitted by the Boulder County Commissioners in 2002 and was annexed into Longmont in 2018. The gravel mine operation was allowed into Longmont through a PUD (Planned Unit Development). 

Click to read information related to the gravel mine operation, including conditions and requirements to protect the nearby residents.


Check out the new Development Guide

The Development Guide includes resources for staff, property owners, developers, consultants, and community members. It is intended to provide a better understanding of the City's development review process. Visit the Development Applications and Permits page to view the manual.

In conjunction with the Development Guide, we have also created a comprehensive Fee Manual.  The manual will provide a listing of all fees associated with a development project.  Visit the Building Inspection Permit Fees page to view the manual .

Check out the city's interactive Planning Map

The Planning & Development Services Department has launched an interactive Planning Map.  This map can provide information like the location of active developments in the city, parks, bike routes throughout the city, schools, Envision land uses, subdivisions in the city, zoning information, and much more.

Click here to view the map

Once the map is open, you are able to turn the different layers on and off by clicking in the upper right hand corner and opening the Layers List. You can then click the icons on the map to learn more details about the the property. Check the map out today!


Main Street Corridor Plan

The 12-month Main Street Corridor Planning effort is coming to a close! Thank you to all who were able to attend the public meeting on September 10th. You can now download the presentation from the September 10, 2019 meeting (PDF). Any additional comments can be emailed to the project team at by September 23, 2019.

For more information on the project, please visit the Main Street Corridor Plan page.


Land Development Code Update

The update to the City's Land Development Code (LDC) has been adopted by City Council.  For additional information and a project overview, check out the Code Update Overview page.

View the City of Longmont Land Development Code


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New Prairie Dog Regulations

On January 8, 2019 the City Council approved new prairie dog regulations for the extermination, removal and relocation of prairie dogs within the City of Longmont.  These new rules apply to all property within the City limits. Prior to any disturbance of a prairie dog a prairie dog permit must be used in accordance with these new rules.

For information on the regulations, please visit the Prairie Dog Regulations webpage.


Planning and Development Services

Providing research and special studies for long range planning, operational planning as well as, development review during the development application process.

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