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FAQs for Planning and Development

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  • Business

    • Home Business License

    • Starting and Relocating a Business

  • Historic Preservation Tax Credits

    • Can I apply for the tax credit more than once?

    • How can I find out if my property is historically designated? If it is not, how can I get it designated?

    • I intend to do much of the labor myself in order to cut costs. Can I claim tax credit on some of my own labor or "sweat equity"?

    • If a property is owned or leased by more than one taxpayer, can all involved taxpayers qualify for the tax credit? If so, how is the application made?

    • If I am taking the federal investment tax credit, how would the state credit apply?

    • If I take the tax credit and then decide that I must sell my property or break my lease within 5 years, what are the consequences?

    • My property does not currently meet building codes - to bring it up to code may mean that certain historic features are sacrificed. Would the project still qualify?

    • What does a sample breakdown of a project look like?

    • What if I have already begun the rehabilitation of my property - is it still possible to qualify for the tax credit?

    • What if my project includes a new addition to my historic property? Would such a project qualify?

    • What if the work takes longer than 24 months to complete?

  • Licenses, Permits and Inspections

    • Certificates Of Occupancy

    • Contractor Licensing

  • Planning and Development Services

    • Annexation Process

    • Envision Longmont

    • Fee Rebate Programs

    • Historic Preservation Program

    • How do I get to...

    • Planning & Zoning Commission - General Information

    • Planning and Development Services Overview

    • Planning Publications

    • Public Hearing Process - General Information

    • Should my kids ride their bikes on the sidewalk or in the street?

    • The greenway has been in pieces since the flood. When will it be completed?

    • Transportation Plans for the City

    • What are the best routes in the winter when there is snow and ice?

    • What is the difference between the dashed bike lanes and the solid lanes?

    • What is the LOBO trail?

    • What other detours are coming up that I should be aware of?

    • What should I wear when it is cold outside?

    • Where do I get a copy of a plat?

    • Which side of the street should I ride my bike?

    • Which side of the street should I walk on?

    • Why do some bikers ride in the middle of the lane when there is a bike lane?

    • Zoning Ordinance

  • Short Term Rentals

    • Are inspections required to get or renew a permit?

    • Can accessory dwellings units be used for short term rentals?

    • Can I operate a short term rental if it is not my primary residence?

    • How do I get a short term rental permit?

    • How much does the permit cost?

    • How often do I need to renew my permit, and how do I renew?

    • How will I know if conditional use approval is required for me to get a permit?

    • Is there a limit on the number of short term rentals allowed in the City?

    • What are the penalties of not getting a permit?

    • What taxes do I need to pay on a short term rental?

    • Where are short term rentals allowed?

    • Where can I apply for a short term rental permit?

    • Who can apply for a short term rental permit?

    • Why do I need a permit to operate a short term rental?

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