Chino, Japan and Ciudad Guzman, Mexico are Longmont's two sister cities

The City of Longmont, through the work of the Longmont Sister Cities Association (LSCA) has established a sister cities relationship with Chino, Japan and Ciudad Guzman, Mexico

Created in 1991, LSCA is an independent non-profit organization that receives some financial support from the Longmont City Council. Although not a City of Longmont department or division, LSCA represents the City during the annual student exchange program and other cultural events throughout the year.


To strengthen connections within our own community and through the world community by:

  1. Promoting educational & leadership opportunities
  2. Serving as an information resource
  3. Acting as a communication conduit to the international community
  4. Sponsoring exchanges & homestays
  5. Furthering municipal cooperation


In 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower proposed the people-to-people concept that lead to the development of Sister Cities International. It was Eisenhower’s belief that strong relationships established between cities in the United States and cities of the world would lessen the potential for world conflicts.

Based on this concept, in 1991 local businesses and city government joined together to establish Longmont’s first Sister City Association with Chino, Japan. In 1995 the Longmont Sister City Association was founded to manage the sister city relationship and to relieve city employees of the many tasks and responsibilities associated with coordinating sister city activities. Shortly thereafter LSCA became the member of the Sister Cities International (SCI) organization.

In 1997 Ciudad Guzman, Mexico, became Longmont’s second sister city. The connection between Longmont and Ciudad Guzman is based on similarities of the two cities and Longmont’s large Hispanic population.


Since its inception the Longmont Sister Cities Association has sponsored an annual student exchange. The exchange brings students from Japan and Mexico to Longmont for a 10-day visit. In turn, students from Longmont participate in a similar 10-day visit to Japan or Mexico.

Students currently enrolled in 8th – 11 grade are encouraged to apply. Following a series of interviews, selected students will be invited to participate in the Student Exchange Program.

Students accepted into the exchange program are expected to participate in fund raising activities.This allows them to earn money for their trip to Japan or Mexico and helps the students to work togather as a team.


Adults also have an opportunity to participate in the Sister Cities Exchange Program. Just like the students, adults living in the Longmont area are encouraged to submit an application to serve as a chaperone. Following a series of interviews and background checks, chaperones are selected to oversee the student exchange, assist with fund raising activities and accompany the students to Japan or Mexico.


A Board of Directors governs the Longmont Sister Cities Association. The Board is comprised of 25 members who volunteer their time to the organization.


The Longmont Sister Cities Association maintains a key role in the city of Longmont through its partnerships with the city museum and civic organizations to promote cultural awareness.



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