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Oil and Gas Information

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In 2012, the Longmont City Council updated its rules and regulations on oil and gas activity that generally prohibit new oil and gas surface operations in residentially zoned areas, require disclosures of fracking chemicals to the City’s first responders, require groundwater monitoring, provide recommended setbacks for new oil and gas facilities from occupied structures, residential lots, parks, recreational areas, and water bodies, and mitigate visual and noise impacts, among other requirements. The regulations ask oil and gas operators to incorporate best management practices used throughout the state in their Longmont operations.

Frequently Asked Questions about oil and gas. These questions were submitted by a Longmont advocacy group prior to their community open house in the Spring of 2017. Longmont City staff provided these answers to the group and posted them to this web page. Some information has changed over time but the original answers are being preserved for reference sake.


Latest News

“No Drilling Within City Limits” Agreement
Longmont has proposed an agreement with two oil and gas operators, TOP Operating (TOP) and Cub Creek Energy (Cub Creek) that will essentially end oil and gas drilling within Longmont city limits in return for a cash payment of $3 million. A public Q & A forum was held on Tuesday, May 15. See the revised PowerPoint presentation of Proposed No-Surface-Use Agreement.

Longmont Continues Proactive Investigations of Oil & Gas Wells
The City of Longmont is working through a systematic process to proactively investigate all nine active wells, and all 17 plugged and abandoned (P&A) wells within city limits. In 2013, the City conducted site investigations of active wells. The City is now moving into the next phase, which is to conduct site investigations of plugged and abandoned wells. There is no known threat; however, these investigations are being done out of an abundance of caution to confirm that there is no risk to the community. See the news release.

TOP Plugging and Abandoning Longmont Wellhead
TOP Operating is beginning the COGCC process of plugging and abandoning their Longmont 8-10 wellhead. The wellhead is located on the southern half of the City’s High Plains Preserve formerly known as the Old Landfill. This wellhead is immediately adjacent to the St Vrain Creek and during the 2013 flood event this wellhead and tank battery we completely cut off from TOP’s access. The plugging process will take approximately 8 days to complete and upon completion the site will be reclaimed  to its original site condition with native grasses. This process will include the removal of the actual well and filling the well with concrete, removal of flow lines, tank battery and other associated amenities with the well operation. It is the City intention to install (3) water quality monitoring wells around the plugged wellhead and to continue monitoring water quality after the removal has been completed.


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