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In 2012, the Longmont City Council updated its rules and regulations on oil and gas activity that generally prohibit new oil and gas surface operations in residentially zoned areas, require disclosures of fracking chemicals to the City’s first responders, require groundwater monitoring, provide recommended setbacks for new oil and gas facilities from occupied structures, residential lots, parks, recreational areas, and water bodies, and mitigate visual and noise impacts, among other requirements. The regulations ask oil and gas operators to incorporate best management practices used throughout the state in their Longmont operations.

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Longmont Continues Proactive Investigations of Oil & Gas Wells
The City of Longmont is working through a systematic process to proactively investigate all nine active wells, and all 17 plugged and abandoned (P&A) wells within city limits. In 2013, the City conducted site investigations of active wells. The City is now moving into the next phase, which is to conduct site investigations of plugged and abandoned wells. There is no known threat; however, these investigations are being done out of an abundance of caution to confirm that there is no risk to the community. See the news release.

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