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Swimming Pools and Aquatic Programs

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Swimming Pool Facilities

pool noodles at centennial pool iamgeThe city of Longmont has five swimming pools and operates Union Reservoir Swim Beach. View the Fee Information Page for details on the various Recreation Facility Passes and admission fees/packages available. Recreation Facility Passes are NOT accepted at Union Reservoir; separate use fees apply. 

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Aquatic Programs

Preschool Swim lessons - Turtle, alligator, and seal

  • Swim Lesson Programs – Longmont Recreation Services offers swimming lessons for children as young as 6 months through adults enjoying the golden years. Year-round swim classes are available at both Centennial Pool and the Longmont Recreation Center. Swimming lessons are also available at Sunset Pool during the summer months. Register for swim lessons online:  use age, starting month, desired location and day of week to filter down classes in the search screen.
  • CARA Swim Team - Three different locations offer this recreation based Swim Teams for youth ages 6 to 18 years. Join either our year-round teams: Centennial Tsunamis or the Longmont Recreation Center Piranhas, or our Summer Sunset Swordfish Team. Register for a CARA swim team online: use keyword "cara" on mobile.
  • Masters Swim Team - Longmont Masters is geared towards adult wanting a great coached workout with supportive team mates.

  • Spring Board Diving Programs – Longmont Recreation Services offers year-round Springboard Diving Classes, for ages 7 years and up. Register for dive programs online: use keyword "dive" on mobile. 

  • Unpaid College Internships - Longmont Recreation Services offers a limited number of unpaid recreation internships for individuals who need internship college credit towards a degree in the recreation or marketing field. Inquiries are accepted via email.

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Aquatic Special Events

end of season dog swim slider


Dog Dayz Expo Kick-off | Tuesday, August 13, 9am-12pm & 4pm-7pm

Bring your socialized dog for swimming and fun, to kick of the Dog Dayz of SUMMER! Visit the multiple dog friendly vendors that are in attendance. Roosevelt Activity Pool, 903 8th Ave. 

End of Summer Dog Swims at the Activity Pools

August 14-16 & 21-23 Wednesday-Friday - Roosevelt Activity Pool, 903 8th Ave. 
August 17-18 & 24-25 Saturday-Sunday - Kanemoto Activity Pool, 1151 S Pratt Pkwy. 

Small Dogs Only: 9-10am & 4-5pm
All Dogs: 10am-12pm & 5-7pm

After the Activity Pools are closed to the general human public, the pool chemicals are neutralized so the water is safe for dogs.  All friendly dogs are welcome; balls and bags will be provided.  No people swimming and thank you for picking up after your pooch!  Fee is $4 per dog;  Recreation passes are not valid.  For more information, call 303-651-8406.

Work in Aquatics!

Hiring  Aquatic Staff

lifeguard centennial pool imageThe City of Longmont is currently hiring the following positions to work at all City of Longmont pools:

  • Pool Managers, Assistant Pool Managers, and Senior Lifeguards at Union Reservoir  
  • Lifeguards, Swim Instructors, and Water Safety Instructors (WSI).
  • We hire for year round and summer only positions.
  • If you have experience, and current aquatic certifications, apply online, TODAY!
  • If you would like to start working in aquatics, take one of our upcoming certification classes, keyword search,"aquajob". Register Online

Certification Classes:

15 years old & up:

16 years old & up:

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