Roosevelt Activity Pool
903 Eighth Ave.
Longmont, CO 80501
Main: (303) 774-4455
Rental Contact Number: (303) 651-8406

Roosevelt Activity Pool is closed for the Season

We had a wonderful 2018 and we look forward to seeing you in 2019!

Roosevelt Activity Pool is a heated outdoor pool with a maximum depth of 2 ft 8 inches. It features zero-depth geysers, tumble buckets, a water cannon, and a spray garden. Roosevelt Activity Pool is geared for ages 8 and under. 

Roosevelt Activity Pool Hours


Monday-Sunday, 10am-4pm

New Fee Structure for Daily Drop-In Fees: 

Monday through Friday: 10am-1pm
Saturdays & Sundays: All Day

Age Resident Non-Resident
Under 1 yr $0.75 $1.00
1-5 years $3.00 $3.50
6+ years $3.50 $4.50


1pm to Close | Monday through Fridays  

Age Resident Non-Resident
Under 1 yr $0.25 $0.50
1-5 years $2.50 $3.00
6+ years $3.00 $3.50


No refunds due to inclement weather.

Activity Pool Daily Drop-Ins are NOT transferable to the Longmont Recreation Center, Centennial Pool, Sunset Pool, or the St. Vrain Memorial Building. 

End of Summer Dog Swims at Roosevelt Pool

Back by popular demand - after season dog swims at the Activity Pools!

After we close the activity pools to the general human public, we neutralize the pool chemicals (part of the weatherization for winter process) so the water is safe for the dogs. All friendly dogs are welcome; balls and bags will be provided.

  • Tuesday, Aug 14, 9am-12pm and 4-7pm at Roosevelt Activity Pool
  • Wednesday, Aug 15, 9am-12pm and 4-7pm at Roosevelt Activity Pool

Fee: $4.00 per dog .Recreation passes are not valid

No people swimming and thank you for picking up after your pooch.

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